Hey there, Welcome to Ventura!

 I’m Kyshea, The founder of Ventura Skincare.

Ventura was a sper of the moment idea, I knew the goal for my life and I knew I had to support men and women in feeling beautiful but I had no prior experience in beauty so how was i going to do that? 

I spent a year before launching Ventura just studying skincare through online courses, studying natural ingredients, learning the ins and outs of building a website, designing labels, finding packaging,  growing relationships, playing with formulas and testing and reviewing products for the 6 months before launch. 

The mission is really the simple part, the goal isn't to be looking at the numbers but to be building real relationships. I want to create a simple range of natural products that are specifically meant for those with sensitive skin, I want men and women to wake up each day and to put on skincare that isn't going to cause them more problems but rather leave them saying ' WOW I don't need makeup today, I'm beautiful'. The goal is to leave my customers knowing they can send me a message and I'll help the best I can. I will never promise you my products will fix you because every single person is completely unique  but I promise they are gentle and I will do whatever I can to give you a product that will leave you glowing and help your skin. I state on my website that i am happy to help create something that will suit you if you have any problems with an ingredient in one of our products and I stick by that. 

 My mission is to make you feel beautiful, and for you to know you have a company that is actually here to help you find that beauty you hold without a layer of chemicals/toxins. 

When I started this amazing business I had no money and was living in a little town in NSW, Australia but the dream and ambition was there and together with all of the help and support from anyone that believed in this dream made it happen. 

  So many Aussie women have said Ventura is the only skincare that doesn’t irritate their skin and leaves it feeling soothed and hydrated. Packed with natural anti-inflammatories to even your skin tone and make your skin glow! I feel beyond proud to be behind this incredible skincare brand and to be a part of this community with all of you! 

What do we make sure to leave out of Ventura Skincare products?

NO Artificial Fragrances
NO Artificial Colors
NO Sulphates
NO Parabens
NO Phthalates 
NO Petrochemicals 


Instead we LOVE to use..

Natural, Nourishing Ingredients.

And Instead of sourcing bulk and CHEAPER skincare from overseas we…

Make everything here in Australia, we source our packaging here in Australia and we make small batches to ensure we are giving you fresh skincare that can have a longer shelf life without the bad additives.