Terms and Conditions

Here's some of the important stuff we just have to throw out there!

If you'd like to stock our products in your salon/store/online store send us a message at venturarawskincare@gmail.com.

We try to stay as consistent as possible with our beautiful natural skincare, but due to working in a small team and hand labelling, making and bottling some inconsistencies may happen on the rare occasion. we are only human in the end. This is just what makes our product special. You can always know we aren't relying on a machine to manufacture the product for you and we will try our very best to not make any flaws from the start to the end process of packaging. 

Now Lets talk quickly about natural ingredients and why we use them, you will notice our ingredient lists are quite easy to read with ingredients you have actually heard of! natural ingredients have so many amazing benefits for your skin and we do try to suit every single persons skin type but every person in the world is unique in their own special way and unfortunately even natural products can irritate some of those that are a little more sensitive. Don't worry this does not mean we cannot help you this just means we might need to get down to the root of what you might react to a little more and see if we can help from there. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful even if their skin doesn't like to be cared for as willingly. Always spot test. 

How long do our products last? 

Due to the natural preservation systems we strive by here at Ventura Raw Skincare, we have a limited shelf life of 12-18 months, therefore we don’t have an endless supply of stock sitting in our HQ, we simply supply on demand to ensure overall we give you the best quality skincare we can!! 

Most larger cosmetic businesses use a high percentage of synthetic based preservatives ensuring the product has a longer shelf life, sometimes 3-6 years.. This way they can make up a large batch with their machinery and can let it sit in the warehouse for 6 months or more before it needs to be sold.

Let me tell you this is not a good thing at all.. the method they use decreases the actives in the product making the product less effective and therefore the quality has been diminished. 

Store Prices

Ventura Raw Skincare reserve the right to change the price at any time without notice 

We take no responsibility for any allergens or reactions, please take note of the fruits, extracts,etc used in our ingredient's before putting on your skin or simply message us and we will be happy to help clarify ingredients.